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Next Call for Proposals for INSAR Policy Briefs: June 2020

Overview of Policy Brief Development Process:

As part of its strategic plan, INSAR has set a goal of ensuring that autism research has a broad impact on society, reflected in a strategic initiative to “disseminate science-based knowledge to inform research priorities, policy, professional practice, and public understanding.”  To this end, INSAR has committed annual funds to support a 1-2 day meeting of scientists, thought leaders, stakeholders, and policy makers to discuss a topic that:

i)                 is of importance to the quality of life of those affected by autism;

ii)                has been studied rigorously;

iii)               has significant implications for policy and/or practice; and

iv)               is not limited to one geographical area.

The purpose of the meeting is for attendees to present and discuss relevant research regarding this topic and, following the meeting, create an INSAR Policy Brief, which will summarize the research relevant to this topic and serve as an informational resource document for a diverse set of stakeholders, including INSAR members, those affected by autism, policy makers, practitioners, and the public. 

INSAR Policy Briefs will be published on the INSAR website and distributed widely through INSAR’s mobile app and other mechanisms available to INSAR’s leadership and members. INSAR Policy Briefswill be written in lay language and include a succinct (1-2 page) executive summary that provides a description of the nature and significance of the topic and its timeliness. The full Policy Brief will provide an overview and synthesis of the scientific research (what the research tells us), an implications statement describing how the existing scientific research informs policy and practice (implications), and any recommendations for next steps or actions (recommendations).  Given that INSAR is an international organization, policy briefs must consider how global research and implementation of any recommendations will be influenced by cultural, economic, and other contextual factors. This is not intended to be a review of a scientific strategy or area of research but a summary of an important policy issue.

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