SIG Call for Proposals

INSAR 2020 SIG Call for Proposals

Submission Opens: November 18, 2019
Submission Deadline: December 12, 2019 - CLOSED

The INSAR Special Interest Group (SIG) Committee is soliciting applications for new SIGs to meet at INSAR 2020. A SIG comprises a group of researchers, students and other stakeholders who are interested in a particular area of autism research. The SIG will offer opportunity for increased interactions and scientific development in this area. We anticipate adding new SIGs to the INSAR Annual Meeting program. Support is for one year only; the SIGs, once established, will need to reapply in future years if they are interested (with a maximum of 3 years).

The SIG committee will consider the following criteria for evaluation and selection:

1. Novelty and significance of the theme:

  • The theme does not duplicate one addressed in past SIGs. When the proposal is similar to a past SIG explain how the new one differs from what was already done.
  • The theme is underrepresented or underdeveloped to date in autism research. Lack of representation or development could relate to few or no standardized approaches in the area, lack of conceptual models guiding the field, or underdeveloped or competing methodologies.
  • The theme requires interdisciplinary connections and/or broad stakeholder input.

2. Clarity of the goal(s) and consistency with INSAR’s priorities:

  • The goal(s) are well aligned with INSAR’s strategic initiatives.
  • The goal(s) are relevant to a wide spectrum of INSAR’s membership, e.g., are not specific to research in a few countries and/or insular fields. 
  • Longer-term outputs are considered. Examples are:
    -    collaborative position paper 
    -    panel submission to INSAR Annual Meeting
    -    increase abstract submissions relevant to the SIG theme 
    -    collaborative grant applications
    -    training initiatives 
    -    creation of resource databases
    -    consensus statements

3. Participants:

  • SIG leader: SIG leaders can be at any career stage and must be a current INSAR member. 
  • SIG co-leader: Unless the leader themselves is a student, trainee or postdoctoral fellow, each SIG must designate a student/trainee/postdoc co-leader (from a different institution than the leader).  The co-leader can be named in the application but must be named at least one-month prior to the meeting.  If you need help identifying an appropriate trainee co-leader, you can contact the SIG representative from the Student and Trainee Committee:
  • SIG Advisors:  Potential advisors can be nominated if appropriate, e.g., leaders of past SIG or champions for the theme, who will assist in SIG planning and promotion.

4. Effectiveness of plan/session structure:

  • The plan/session can achieve depth in the proposed theme
  • The session is not devoted to a few presentations with Q&A.
  • The plan/session includes active involvement of trainees/early career researchers, mentorship, and/or career development opportunities 
  • The plan/session includes structured opportunities for attendees to interact around the theme. Examples include:
    -     dividing up into working groups to discuss research issues 
    -     guided discussion on common pitfalls and lessons learned 
    -     data blitz 
    -     discussions of collaborative opportunities

5. Impact

  • Anticipated impact of the SIG is described (beyond the information exchange and networking at the session).   
  • Suggestions as to how you might evaluate success of the SIG in achieving its goals are mentioned (however, a formal evaluation plan is not a required part of the application).

Submitting an Application

Applications must be submitted through the online form (link below).  Selected SIGs will receive space for the session during the INSAR Annual Meeting program, audio-visual support, and consultation from the SIG Committee and the Student Committee in structuring the session to maximize benefit.

Application Includes:

  1. SIG Title
  2. SIG leader, co-leader, and advisors and their area(s) of expertise;
  3. Novelty and significance of the proposed theme and corresponding objectives (100 words);
  4. Plan for your SIG session (150 words);  
  5. Anticipated impact beyond information exchange and networking at the meeting and suggestions for measuring impact (100 words); 
  6. Certification that the leaders are current INSAR members. SIGs can only be led by an INSAR member.

Applications are due by 11:59 pm PT on December 12, 2019.  SIG proposal notifications will be sent January 2020.

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