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his award is the highest honor that our society gives.  It recognizes the sustained international research contribution to autism science that a person has made in their career, and the effect that it has had internationally on autism science. This award is not meant to recognize worldwide impact on the field of autism that a person has made in other ways, e.g. through advocacy, literature, public policy, etc.  The autism field has other ways of honoring people for such kinds of service.

INSAR Fellows are members of the International Society for Autism Research whose autism research has made a significant international impact on the scientific understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), clinical practice, educational methods, and/or policy. Fellow status is an honor that reflects dedication to the field of autism research and recognition by peers of the substantial impact of the Fellow’s research.  

In 2017, INSAR initiated an INSAR Fellows program.  Those honored are conferred the title of INSAR Fellow. On an annual basis, we will honor INSAR Fellows at our Annual meeting.

Requirements for Fellow Status
The minimum requirements for fellow status are:

  • Nomination by a current INSAR Fellow, member of the INSAR Board of Directors, or an INSAR Committee Chair
  • Current Full member of INSAR at the time of nomination
  • Currently engaged in activities that impact autism research (e.g., currently publishing in peer-reviewed journals)
  • Evidence of outstanding research contribution that has had a sustained international impact on the field of autism research. The impact of the candidate’s research must be demonstrated and can be related to scientific methods and understanding, clinical practice, educational methods, and/or policy.
INSAR Fellows
Inducted May 2019
Anthony Bailey
Joseph Buxbaum
Tony Charman
Edwin Cook Jr.
Jacqueline Crawley
Deborah Fein
Eric Fombonne
Hilde Geurts
Yoko Kamio
Connie Kasari
Nancy Minshew
Joseph Piven
Matthew State
Peter Szatmari
Amy Wetherby

Charter INSAR Fellows
Inducted May 2018
Charter Fellows represent three distinguished groups:  INSAR Lifetime Achievement Winners, INSAR Past Presidents, Founding Members of the INSAR Fellow Nomination Committee.

David Amaral
Margaret Bauman
Sven Bolte
Thomas Bourgeron
Marie Bristol-Power (posthumously)
Jan Buitelaar
Donald Cohen (posthumously)
Mary Coleman
Geraldine Dawson
Petrus de Vries
Cheryl Dissanayake
Susan Folstein
Uta Frith
Christopher Gillberg
Francesca Happé
Patricia Howlin
Yong-Hui Jiang
Cathy Lord
Isabelle Rapin (posthumously)
Ed Ritvo
Sally Rogers
Michael Rutter
Eric Schopler (posthumously)
Laura Schreibman
Robert Schultz
Marian Sigman (posthumously)
Helen Tager-Flusberg
Fred Volkmar
Lorna Wing (posthumously)
Marshalynn Yeargin-Allsopp
Lonnie Zwaigenbaum

INSAR Fellows Committee

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