INSAR Institute 2019 - Overview
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INSAR Institute 2019
Understanding Heterogeneity in Autism Research and Clinical Practice: A Multidisciplinary Approach 

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This 6-week webinar series takes place on Thursdays from June 13th to July 25th. The series focused on broadening our understanding of co-occurring psychiatric, medical, and developmental conditions of autism through empirical research. Recent INSAR SIGs (Special Interest Groups) revealed increasing interest in the heterogeneity of autism. Therefore, each session addressed heterogeneity through one of the diverse topics including psychiatric, biomedical, developmental, and gender identity issues in autism, followed by Q&A.

INSAR Institute webinars are designed for students, post-doctoral fellows, early-career investigators, families, service providers, and people with autism and their families. The live sessions of the 2019 Institute were free to attend; pre-registration was required. Each session was recorded and available to current INSAR Members as a benefit of society membership. One session recording in the series is open to all viewers.

Registration is free and available worldwide to those interested in autism research. Clinicians, established researchers and stakeholders who want to get a snapshot of the current state of science in topics outside their area of expertise may also find these sessions of value.

Session Details 

Presenter Bios

June 13 @ 2:00pm EDT
Incorporating Heterogeneity into Autism Care and Research: A Multi-spectra Approach
Presenter: Jeremy Veenstra-VanderWeele
Working Group Leader: Alicia Montgomery

June 20 @ 2:00pm EDT
Autism Heterogeneity Across Lifespan and Development
Presenters: Julie Lounds Taylor and Somer Bishop
Working Group Leader: Melissa Maye

June 27 @ 2:30pm EDT
Autism Heterogeneity - 
Neurological Diversity 
Presenter: Shafali Jeste
Working Group Leader: Alana McVey

July 11 @ 9:00am EDT
Understanding Sex and Gender in ASD
Presenters: Jeroen Dewinter and Anna Van Der Miesen
Working Group Leader: Jiedi Lei

July 18 @ 9:00am EDT
One Size Does Not Fit All: Modifying Methods and Treatment to Address Heterogeneity in Autism

Presenter: Emily Kuschner
Working Group Leader: Alan Gerber

July 25 @ 2:00pm EDT
Understanding Psychiatric Comorbidities in ASD

Presenters: Connor Kerns & Roma Vasa
Working Group Leader: Jiedi Lei

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