Summer Institute Christina Nicolaidis & Dora Raymaker Session

Equitable Inclusion of Autistic Adults as Co-Researchers

   Christina Nicolaidis, MD, MPH

Professor & Senior Scholar of Social Determinants of Health, Portland State University & Adjunct Associate Professor at Oregon Health & Science University

Dr. Nicolaidis as an internist and services researcher, has devoted most of her career to equitably partnering with marginalized communities to improve their health and healthcare. She co-founded and co-directs that Academic Autism Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education (AASPIRE;

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Dora Raymaker, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Portland State University

Dora Raymaker, Ph.D., is a Research Assistant Professor at Portland State University’s Regional Research Institute for Human Services in the School of Social Work, Co-director of the Academic Autism Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education (AASPIRE), and associate editor of the journal "Autism in Adulthood."

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Watch Replay - Recorded on June 29, 2018

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