Summer Institute Roy R Grinker Session
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Cross Cultural Views of ASD - An Anthropological Perspective


Roy Richard Grinker, PhD
Director of the Institute for African Studies; Professor of Anthropology, International Affairs, and Human Sciences, George Washington University

Dr. Grinker is a cultural anthropologist specializing in ethnicity, nationalism, and psychological anthropology, with topical expertise in autism, Korea, and sub-Saharan Africa. He is also the director of George Washington University's Institute for Ethnographic Research, director of the Institute for African Studies, and editor-in-chief of of the journal Anthropological Quarterly.

Current Research
Dr. Grinker has conducted research on a variety of subjects: ethnic relationships between farmers and foragers in the Ituri forest, Democratic Republic of Congo; North and South Korean relations, with special emphasis on North Korean defectors' adaptation to South Korea life; and the epidemiology of autism. In addition, he has written a biography of the anthropologist Colin M. Turnbull.

Ongoing Projects
Autism and Culture. After completing the first ever epidemiological study of Autism Spectrum Disorder in South Korea (see Kim et al. 2011, under Publications), Dr. Grinker is funded by the Autism Speaks Foundation to study the cultural influences on identification and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder among Korean-Americans. In addition, he is studying efforts at early identification of autism among Mexican migrant farmers in southwest Florida and among Zulu-speaking South Africans in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. A second area of research is military psychiatry, about which he is writing a book.

Watch Replay - Recorded on August 3, 2017

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