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Application for Country Lead - INSAR Global Senior Leaders Committee

The Global Senior Leaders Steering Committee is now inviting nominations and self-nominations from INSAR Full Members to serve as their Country’s point of contact for the INSAR Board about issues of national or international importance relating to autism research in their country.

The successful candidate will have the exciting opportunity to work with the Global Senior Leaders Committee (1) to serve as their Country’s point of contact for the INSAR Board about issues of national or international importance relating to autism research in their country, (2) to support the INSAR Global Early Career Representatives and the Global Ambassadors, (3) to report to the INSAR Board in an annual one-page report about the state of autism research in their country, (4) to update their country entry on the INSAR Global Senior Leader Map, (5) to serve as a role model for autism research excellence in their country thus increasing INSAR membership recruitment in their country, and (6) to help foster a trans-national research culture that may result in multi-centre collaboration and team science approaches across the globe.

Application Process

  • Please submit a nomination or self-nomination in the online form for the Global Senior Leaders Initiative Committee to review.
    • Online Form questions:
    • Details of your name, postal address, institution and email
    • Confirmation of your current INSAR Full Membership
    • The country for which you would like to be the lead
    • Details of your academic qualifications
    • Short summary of your ASD research and leadership in ASD research in your country or internationally (max 500 words)
    • Short motivation as to why you would like to join the INSAR Global Senior Leaders in Autism Initiative as Country Lead (max 500 words)
  • If you are nominating someone else, please make sure that they are happy to be nominated.
  • All nominations will be considered by the INSAR Global Senior Leaders in Autism Steering Committee and a list of proposed candidates will be presented to the INSAR board for approval.
  • Term of appointment will be for 2 years. After completion of the 2-year term, Global Senior Leaders will remain on the committee as ‘Past Global Senior Leaders’ for a further 2 years. No member will be able to serve for more than 2 terms (i.e. 4 years in total).
  • The decision of the INSAR Board will be final and will be communicated to nominees after the relevant INSAR Board meeting.

Apply Now!

Deadline to Apply is August 31, 2020 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time

*Must be a current INSAR Full Member to apply.

More information on INSAR Membership requirements and fees can be found HEREINSAR offers reduced rate dues structure for individuals from or living in Low and Middle Income Countries.

Questions? If you have questions about INSAR Membership, contact

Direct questions about the GSL Country Lead volunteer opportunity contact Emily Mathis at

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