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INSAR Annual Meeting Registration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does INSAR provide continuing education credits for attending the Annual Meeting?

A. No, there are no continuing education credits provided to attendees.

Q. Do I have to be an INSAR member to attend the Annual Meeting?

A. No, INSAR membership is not required to attend; however, members receive a discounted registration rate.

Q. When does INSAR Annual Meeting registration open?

A. Usually registration is open by March 1 of each year.  Early Bird registration rates typically are available through the end of March.

Q. Do you have special rates for registration, like early bird?

A. Yes, there is an Early Bird, Regular/Standard, and Onsite Registration rates.

Dates/deadlines are on the website and included in electronic communications to members and non members on the distribution list for meeting communications.

Q. Do you provide for Onsite registration, as I’m not sure I’ll know until a week or so before whether I can attend?

A. Yes, there is Onsite registration; however higher registration rates are in effect at that point.  

Q. I’m a resident of a Low Income Country. Do you have rates for me to register?

A. You must be an INSAR member to receive our reduced rates for Low-Upper Middle Income countries. If you are not yet an INSAR member, you can join at the highly reduced membership rates. You can register and join INSAR onsite, or apply, pay, and register online.

Q. How can I find a hotel near the INSAR Annual Meeting?

A. We have contracted with several hotels for each Annual Meeting. This information is sent to all INSAR members first, then non members, with links to reserve your room, or phone numbers to contact to make your reservation.

Q. I will be attending but want to find my own hotel. Is that allowed?

A. It is allowed; however the success of the Annual Meeting depends on registrants and exhibitors using contracted INSAR hotels to offset the sizable costs of producing the meeting.  We negotiate great rates for block bookings, but we need you to make your reservation in these blocks.  We appreciate your using these rooms so that we can continue to keep our costs down. You want to also consider transportation to and from other hotels not offered by INSAR, and that getting to and from the convention center/Headquarter hotel where the event is taking place might negate any savings at other hotels.

Q. Do you provide transportation to and from the INSAR booked hotels to the Annual Meeting location?

A. No, INSAR does not provide transportation to and from your hotel, but provides options to assist you. Information about the local airport, light rail, and shuttles are also provided on the Travel Information page of our website.

Q. Does INSAR provide a discount to fly on a particular airline?

A. No.

Q. I have been accepted to present my poster. Do I receive a discounted rate to register and to travel?

A. No. All poster presenters are reminded prior to submission that registration to the meeting is required.  There are several awards available to INSAR members meeting certain criteria that are available prior to registration opening. Any funds needed or requested of INSAR must be applied for when the emailed notifications go out.

Q. I’d really like to attend next year. Where will the Annual Meeting be then?

A. There is a page of Future Meetings on the INSAR website.

Q. I can’t make this meeting, but would be interested in seeing the posted sessions on your website. Must I have paid for registration in order to access these?

A. No, paid registration is not required. On the Meeting Archives page you can access past program and abstract books as well as an online searchable program.

Q. I will need a certificate of attendance for my employer. How do I obtain one?

A. Within 2 weeks after the close of the Annual Meeting all registered attendees will receive an email with a certificate of attendance in PDF format. How to access your Certificate HERE.

Q. I need a letter of invitation to your meeting as I am travelling from abroad. How do I make sure I get this letter in time to make travel arrangements and obtain a visa?

A. Individuals may request letters of invitation from INSAR to support their efforts to obtain travel visas for the INSAR Annual Meeting. To submit a request, individuals are required to provide all information in the online request form found here. Please note that you must be a paid registrant to receive a letter from INSAR. Allow 5-7 business days for processing of your request.

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