Treasurer Nominees

INSAR Board Elections 2019

Frederick Shic, PhD

   Bio sketch:
I am an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington and an Investigator at Seattle Children's Research Institute's Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development. I have been an autism researcher for 15 years and, as a computer scientist by training, bring an interdisciplinary perspective to early developmental, therapeutic, and phenotyping research. I lead Seattle Children's Innovative Technologies Laboratory (SCITL, pronounced “Skittle” to the dismay of my health-research colleagues), a lab focused on advancing and refining technology-based tools, including eye tracking, functional near infrared spectroscopy, robots, mobile apps, and video games. My goals are to understand lifespan trajectories leading to heterogeneous outcomes in ASD, and to develop methods for positively intercepting these trajectories. To enable this, I focus on big data perspectives of phenotypic variation, biomarker discovery enabled via technology, and rapid, adaptable, evolving frameworks for outcomes research applicable to diverse populations. My current and prior work, funded by NIMH, Simons Foundation, and Autism Speaks, includes developmental, psychological, and applied autism research as well as methods engineering aimed at creating and refining analytical and predictive techniques. Previously, I was an engineering undergraduate at Caltech, a Sony PlayStation video game programmer, a magnetic resonance spectroscopy brain researcher, and a graduate student at Yale Computer Science's Social Robotics Lab. It was during this graduate work when, needing child gaze patterns to program an attention system for a baby-emulating robot, I was first introduced to autism research at the Yale Child Study Center. I continued this work as an NIMH T32 postdoc in Childhood Neuropsychiatric Disorders and then as an Assistant Professor at the Yale Child Study Center.

Personal Statement:
It would be a privilege to use my overly enthusiastic analytical predispositions as Treasurer of INSAR. I have been an INSAR member for over a decade and have served as the Co-chair of the Technology Demonstration session at IMFAR for three years, Co-chair of the INSAR Website Committee, Technology Officer for the INSAR Early Career Committee, and am currently a member of the INSAR Finance Committee. With my interdisciplinary background, it is my hope that I can help to push the boundaries of our collaborative spaces at INSAR so as to enhance cross-fertilization of ideas, projects, and visions. It would be an honor to represent the evolving interdisciplinary nature of the autism research community, one which is becoming increasingly defined not just by cross-discipline collaboration, but also true multidisciplinary mentorship.

Marjorie Solomon, PhD 


Dr. Marjorie Solomon is a Professor in the UC Davis Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, a Faculty member of the MIND Institute, and the Associate Director of the UC Davis Imaging Research Center (IRC). She holds a PhD in Psychology from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. She also is a licensed clinician with a broad background in clinical assessment and psychosocial intervention for individuals with ASD. Solomon’s research examines cognitive development in individuals with ASD through the lifespan using neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience methods including functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Dr. Solomon is the Principal Investigator on multiple federal grants. She also is a former member of the IACC.

Personal Statement:
I have been a member of INSAR since its inception. INSAR has been critical to both the development of my career as a scientist and to the advancement of the state of autism research through its annual and international meetings, its journal, its mentorship activities, and its partnership with persons with ASD and their families. I would be honored to “give back” by using my formal business training, former experiences as a strategic planning consultant and banker, and skills honed as Director of the IRC to serve as the INSAR Treasurer.



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