Autistic Researchers Committee Virtual Workshop 2020
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INSAR Virtual - Autistic Researchers Committee Workshop

The newly appointed Autistic Researchers Committee (ARC) of INSAR held a workshop in August 2020 to briefly introduce their committee and gather suggestions from the community regarding their future directions and plans as they strive to promote autistic involvement in research and the inclusiveness of INSAR. They welcomed all interested attendees, whether they are researchers or community members and whether they are neurodivergent or neurotypical.

The live workshop was be repeated twice, to encourage participation across time zones.

Workshop One:
August 18th, 7pm in Vancouver + Los Angeles (Pacific Time)
August 19th, 10am in Perth + Beijing
August 19th, 12pm in Sydney + Melbourne

Jac den Houting, PhD (they/them)

Patrick Dwyer (he/him);
TC Waisman (she/her);
Brett Ranon Nachman (he/him);
Dora M. Raymaker (they/them/any)



Workshop Two:
August 19th, 8am in Vancouver + Los Angeles (Pacific Time)
August 19th, 11am in Toronto + New York (Eastern Time)
August 19th, 4pm in London + Lisbon
August 19th, 6pm in Tel Aviv + Cape Town

Dena L. Gassner (she/her)

Patrick Dwyer (he/him); 
TC Waisman (she/her); 
Steven Kapp, PhD, (he/him); 
Zach Williams (he/him); 
John Elder Robison (he/him)



Read more about the INSAR Autistic Researchers Committee, HERE.

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