Summer Institute 2017 - Overview
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The International Society for Autism Research is hosting a free series of six weekly seminars related to culture and diversity in autism research. The seminars (sessions) will run Thursdays, from July 13 to August 24 (excluding July 20), and will cover a variety of topics on autism in low-resource settings, adaptation of assessments or intervention for diverse communities, and findings across the autism spectrum in diverse samples. The presentations are designed for students, post-doctoral fellows, other early-career investigators, stakeholders, and families interested in autism research. Clinicians and established researchers who would like a snapshot of the current state of science in topics outside their area of expertise may also find these sessions of value.

Reminder: You do not need to be an INSAR member to attend!  See these instructions to create your "non member" profile, if you haven't yet joined the INSAR Online Community!

Registration is free and available worldwide to those interested in autism research. 

This year’s focus will be related to culture and diversity in autism research.

13 July - Dr. Aubyn Stahmer (University of California, Davis MIND Institute) opens with a seminar on access to services and services across diverse communities.

27 July - Dr. Elizabeth Pellicano  (University College London) is leading a seminar about ethical considerations, specifically ethics of autism research and the relation of ethics to research participation. Co-presenter: Ari Ne’eman (Chief Executive Officer of

3 August - Dr. Roy Richard Grinker (George Washington University) will provide an anthropological view of ASD.

10 August - Dr. Sue Fletcher-Watson (The University of Edinburgh) takes us through what we need to know and what we do not yet know about bilingualism in ASD.

17 August - Dr. Jennifer Singh (Georgia Institute of Technology) will provide an overview about the structural inequalities in the diagnosis and services for ASD.

24 August - Dr. Nidhi Singhal (National Centre for Autism India) concludes the series with a presentation on topics related to autism research in India, particularly epidemiological aspects and the development of screening and diagnostic tools.  

The aim of the Summer Institute is to give young and up-and-coming researchers from across the globe an in-depth overview of current autism research - no need to even leave your house! The content is developed jointly by the invited experts and a working group of trainees lead by a member of the INSAR Student and Trainee Committee

Each two-hour seminar will feature background on the state of science, the latest research, and future directions, and a 30-minute interactive discussion moderated by members of the working group. You’ll have a chance to add your questions and comments during the seminar. In addition, the presenter will give a quick overview about their personal career development. 

To whet your appetite, downloadable course materials — including seminal articles, a glossary of terms, learning objectives and items for discussion — will be available to participants approximate one week before each session. Recordings of each session will be available on this website at the conclusion of the program.

Please join us for the INSAR Summer Institute 2017

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