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The International Society for Autism Research is proud of the successful launch of the peer-reviewed journal, Autism Research!  In 2012, there were nearly 57,000 full-text article downloads.

As the journal of the Society, Autism Research will distinguish itself from its competitors by offering rapid decision and publication times and by a strong focus on basic genetic, neurobiological and psychological mechanisms and how these influence developmental processes.

Each edition of the Journal features editorials on current issues in autism, original research articles, brief reports as well as occasional commissioned high quality review articles. Full color images can be included when appropriate and may be provided for free per editorial discretion. Uniquely the Journal contains summaries of key papers relating to autism research that have appeared in other Journals since the last paper edition of Autism Research. There is also space for items relating to the activities of INSAR, news of meetings and other activities likely to be of interest to the autism research community.

Because INSAR is strongly committed to public involvement in science, authors of original scientific papers and reviews are asked to submit lay abstracts. Lay abstracts appear on the INSAR website and are made freely accessible to the public. We also anticipate publishing overviews of scientific meetings that will give both the public and other scientists a greater understanding of some of the background and implications to current scientific developments.

We are pleased to be partnered with the major scientific publisher, Wiley, who is very excited to be involved in this venture. The refereeing and editorial processes are conducted electronically by us using ScholarOne Manuscripts, with a central receiving office located at the publisher’s Hoboken, NJ headquarters.  Editorial Board members are invited to attend an annual editorial board meeting at the International Meeting for Autism Research.

The Journal publishes 12 issues a year in electronic format.  The online edition is an automatic benefit of INSAR membership. 

We hope you will agree that Autism Research is an exciting journal to serve both the scientific community and public by rapidly publishing high quality scientific papers that will promote advances in this important field of research.


David Amaral, Editor-in-Chief

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Summaries for Families with ASD

Each article published in Autism Research is accompanied by a summary of the science in more lay terms intended to make the research findings presented in the article accessible to those outside the scientific community, especially families with ASD. The summaries are presented together in a special section in each issue of the journal, which is free to access.  (View now)

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