Alan B. Slifka Foundation
Slifka / Ritvo Innovation in Autism Research Award

Application Deadline:  November 28, 2016

Description: The Alan B. Slifka Foundation seeks to promote innovative research on autism spectrum disorder that will lead to novel treatments and improvements in the quality of life of individuals with autism or transformative insights into the etiology of autism. The Foundation wishes to partner with INSAR in honoring the most meritorious and innovative research ideas of junior investigators.  

Award:  The Foundation will provide one $25,000 (for one year) research award to an INSAR member. The award may support clinical research (diagnosis or treatment of autism or educational efforts) or basic research (epidemiology, genetics, neuroscience, immunology etc).

The goal of the Slifka Award is to support promising junior investigators to pursue excellent research for which they do not have funding and are not likely to get funding readily. It is important that applicants clearly state what element of their work will be supported by the Slifka award and the status of existing and pending funds. 

Eligibility: Current Full members of INSAR are eligible for this award. Applicants must be within seven years of receipt of their PhD or MD at the time of application. The member must have standing in a university, college or research institute that is capable of accepting and administering NIH (or equivalent in other countries) grants and must therefore have a faculty appointment; postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for this award.

Announcement:  Recipients will be selected by the INSAR Awards Committee and representatives from the INSAR Board of Directors, IMFAR Program Committee, and Slifka Foundation. The recipient of the Slifka/Ritvo Award will be recognized at the awards ceremony at the annual IMFAR meeting.  The awardee will be invited to present his/her results in an oral presentation at IMFAR 2 years post-award, beginning in 2017.


Terms of Award

Questions: Direct any questions about the Slifka Award process to Jennifer Gentry (